Meet Tristan Quest

He can mesmerize an audience with his solid grooves and funky rhythms…and he’s only 12 years old.

Tristan Quest

Playing drums since age 3, phenomenon Tristan Quest juggles the responsibilities of middle school with high-gear music study.

Tristan Video 1

Tristan Live: Rock & Roll All Night

Tristan Video 2

Tristan On Vocals: U2 Cover

Tristan Video 3

Tristan Quest Drum Solo

Tristan Video 4

Drums & Vocals: I Me Mine

Tristan Video 6

Soul Man: Young Tristan Quest!

Tristan Quest

Tristan’s first time playing a drum was in Kindermusic.

Tristan Video 5

Shout It Out Loud: Kiss Cover

Tristan Quest

When Tristan was only seven, he joined a top music education and performance program called Rock Nation.